Flat lot in residential in Santa Ana
Living Area: 18427 m²

Flat lot in residential in Santa Ana


Flat lot in residential in Santa Ana 1712 metros cuadrados. / 18427.81 square feet, $ 180 el metro cuadrado (negociable),  Cañón con Bosque al fondo, 1712 square meters / 18427.81 square feet, $ 180 per square meter (negotiable), Canyon with forest in the background. Santa Ana or “Santana,” as the locals say it, is a really great town about 25 minutes west of San Jose. Santa Ana, Costa Rica’s valley of the sun, is actually a canton (“county”) of the province of San Jose. Santa Ana has been growing exponentially in the past few years. For this reason, you can also refer to old and new Santa Ana. The old Santa Ana (Santa Ana Centro) still retains its feel of a typical Costa Rican town with a church at its center. Whereas new Santa Ana (Lindora) can be described as a bustling modern suburb with all the feel of California. The area that has received the most explosive growth is a sector called Lindora where you can find upscale grocery stores, gourmet restaurants, banks, gas stations, medical and dental clinics, beauty salons, coffee houses, hotels, day care and private schools.

It is even within very close proximity to the extensive Multiplaza, the largest shopping center in the country.  Santa Ana’s charming appeal and close proximity to metropolitan San José give it a unique and inviting atmosphere.

From Santa Ana, it is possible to explore anywhere in Costa Rica and most especially the Central Valley.  The country’s main artery, the Inter-American Highway, cuts through the valley, conveniently close to Santa Ana allowing a quick getaway for travelers.