Why You Should Consider Investing in Costa Rica’s Real Estate

Costa Rica’s Real Estate

Identifying the most suitable property is always a challenge. However, Costa Rica real estate provides investors with the best avenues for acquiring property. This is due to the fact that Costa Rica real estate covers a wide array of properties including apartments, single family homes, ocean view villas and large stunning farms. As such, in spite of a investing in a property to live in, you can as well acquire more fixed assets as a full package from Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has one of the fastest developing economies in the world. The country has a vast coastline and is endowed with a tropical and subtropical climate. Couple its incredible coast line and magnificent scenic beauty, Costa Rica offers you excellent options for investment in real estate. The country also has a long history of political stability and this creates a tranquil environment for real estate developers. Also, research has shown that the crime rate in the country is very low and thus very attractive for real estate development.

Costa Rica has well developed infrastructural facilities. The presence of Americans in the country for a long time has facilitated the development of infrastructure which is much similar to American way of living. This therefore makes foreigners feel at home and has as a matter of fact attracted more investors in the real estate market. The government has also played a major role in helping real estate developers. This is through the reduction of tax rates for real estate, making them more affordable. As a matter of fact, even the most lavish properties have a minimal tax applied.

Before acquiring a property, however, it is of paramount importance that you identify one that has no legal entanglements around it. You should therefore check the legal documents, such as titles, pertaining to the property you are interested in. Through online websites, it is possible to identify a property that is clean. Further, virtual tours from these websites can help you choose your dream property.

Capital and property maintenance costs in Costa Rica are much lower than in many other countries. In fact, both home and land prices are 25% lower than those in the U.S making the country the perfect place for real estate investments. In addition, foreign investors enjoy equal property rights as the natives. They are also faced with few restrictions making relocation into the country easy and this has attracted a huge number of foreign investors.

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