The Costa Rica adventure journal

The Costa Rica adventure journal is a narration of a costa rican, presenting its country from his own experiences and perspective. To the world, explaining what, and why Costa Rica is considered beautiful and attractive, to tourist. And why its people are so welcoming, to invite them to enjoy the beautiful landscapes, beaches and some of the hidden gems that not even many of these people in Costa Rica dedicate time to visit. But first let’s introduce Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a small country, 129 out of 250 countries listed by size, the total area of Costa Rica fits 190 times in USA. Being small does come with some advantages, you can fly all around the country for a reasonable amount. Or rent a car and drive around the country, its different 7 provinces. In a few weeks’ time, staying a few days in each place you choose to really soak in the beauty of the place.

That being said our country isn’t missing anything of the beauty that entails a large country, from large mountain ranges, to rain forests, beautiful beaches, rich culture and history. The people in Costa Rica are welcoming, polite, and enjoyable; we are “Pura Vida” pure life.Many people visit our place by using www.ilimoww.com which offers car service pickup from the airport to our location in just a click of a button.

The map showed, is a representation of the different destinations you can fly to within the country and to the neighboring countries of Nicaragua and Panama, with Nature Air. A small airline (destination distance wise) that offer 15 flight destinations. There is also the option of rental car companies from any chosen airport from which you can drive to in a few hours to any location you’d like to enjoy first.

This is a brief introduction to Costa Rica, and to further explain how beautiful the country truly is here are some of the places and activities you can enjoy while in your visit, we will be exploring each of the 7 province to depth in every chapter of this new “Costa Rica Adventure journal”

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