Costa Rica, San Jose

The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose.

The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is a gem. Mainly land in “Aero Puerto Juan Santa Maria” and start their journey to the beaches, leaving behind a city rich in culture and people. And not only that rich in mountainous towns and places to explore. It is located in the central valley of our country every direction you look mountain behind mountain hugs the main cities and San Jose is right in the middle.  Founded in 1848, it has been our capital since 1838.

san jose costa rica
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Article headline san Jose view

escazu costa rica Escazu view where I live and start many of my travels, and even where I sometimes go to travel either on my bike or car, the mountains in Escazu hold beautiful views, homes, and places not often traveled.

escazu costa rica
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There is an old hotel, located in the mountains of Escazu, that has been left almost entirely for nature to recover, but avid mountain bikers have talked to the owner and they transformed into their playground, this views are worth money.

1.4  1.8 1 These are different views from Escazu, and my backyard with the pool, beautiful trees are located all around San Jose.

costa rica real estate Teatro nacional, our national theatre, built from 1891-97.

hotel costa rica Grano de Oro, in San Jose it’s a beautiful classic hotel, with a great restaurant.

4 Café Mundo, located in the heart of the capital, its buildings is an old “Casona” that’s been preserved for sake of history.

5 6 costa rica real estate This images cover a mountain range that divides Puntarenas and San Jose, it is possible that from a high point and looking in the correct direction you might be able to see the ocean from this mountain range, located in Puriscal, and Ciudad colon.

9 this is from the same location in puriscal, ciudad colon. This is actually a state that produces Christmas trees, and its right under the top of the mountain in which a windmill energy project takes place, so it’s very high.

costa rica properties 10 These are pictures from cerros de Santa Ana, in which the before mention Eolic project is found, and you can drive up to it.

real estate for sale costa rica this image I took while going back to the cerros de Escazu, on my mountain bike, coming from Santa Ana, it’s a beautiful mountain range that divides small towns from each other, and you can travel on car through mountain roads and discovery beautiful views.

sunset costa rica
Sunset Escazu Costa Rica

Sunset in the Eolic project….

12 Dawn at my home in Escazu, summer days are missed during this time of the year.

This are just a few images from which I’ve gather over time, living in San Jose. Even though we all love to travel to the beaches, we often forget what we have so close but we have not discovered. Restaurants that don’t use regular social media like Facebook, this are some places that are worth getting lost to find them. Views you’ve never seen, roads you haven’t driven before, preferably not paved this are the ones you must travel at least once in a while to find yourself. And to discover where you live.

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