The Hottest Real Estate Beachside Costa Rica

 Real Estate Beachside Costa Rica

Costa Rica is considered to be paradise for beach lovers. It has in its vicinity the international

airport that is just an hour away from the northwestern coast of Costa Rica. This is a very

popular beach area, which is taken as one of the best vacation spot or in terms of real estate

market. In terms of infrastructure and accessibility, it is very near to hospitals, grocery stores,

shopping centers and many more.

A large amount of constructions are being undertaken in order to make room for the growing

population in these area. The Costa Rica real estate is booming with low property prices. Costa

Rica is the all-new beach destination for the real estate investors.

This year everyone is eyeing the Central American country of Costa Rica. Every year the new

beach vacation receives a lot of media attention. Costa Rica is bordered by the Pacific Ocean,

the Caribbean Sea, Panama, and Nicaragua, which is a small country, but attracts a lot of


For people who love the salt-water experience and the feel of sand in between their toes, Costa

Rica beach real estate has to offer the best to them.

Ocean-side Costa Rica Real Estate

Tamarindo, which is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, is the most accessible and developed

tourist destination town in this Guanacaste region.

Visitors enjoy swimming, scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling and horseback riding. Tamarindo’s

National Wildlife Refuge is one of the perfect stop, which is on the way to the beach. It spreads

across 1,000 acres of the protected forest area, which includes a peaceful environment and

beautiful mangroves that make it favorable destination for the tourists.

Surfers should definitely visit Playa Avellana, which is a great destination and is known by the

locals as a “little Hawaii” because of the enormous offshore waves. Swells can reach as high as

18 feet and surfers from all over the world can travel to this spot, which are just a few minutes

from Tamarindo.

The place provides ample opportunities for the conservationists as well. Conservationists

should really not miss the opportunity to see the endangered species of sea turtles that are

nesting at National Wildlife Refuge and Marino Las Baulas National Park.

It offers a great scenic and picturesque environment that one should not miss at all. Below

Guanacaste is situated the Nicoya peninsula, which is near to the Pacific Ocean. Here,

vacationers can enjoy some of the amazing beaches of Punta Islita; they can take up a game of

golf or go for horseback riding.

Tambor, a small fishing village near the Curu National Wildlife Refuge, is very popular among

foreign retirees. It is located in a volcanic valley and surrounded by hills filled with trees.

Caribbean Beach

Tortuguero is a small, central Caribbean town accessed by boat or plane due to lack of roads in

this region. You find varied ecosystems that range from beaches and canals to marshland and

rain forests in its national park, making it a great place to relax and soothe your mind.

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