Escazu Costa Rica is an upscale suburb located about 20 minutes due west of San Jose

Escazu Costa Rica

Escazu is an upscale suburb located about 20 minutes due west of San Jose by car.  It is considered to be the Beverley Hills of Central America in some circles and certainly one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Central America.  However, please don’t take this literally.  You will see famous people being chased around by Paparazzis.   You might see some actors from the local news or local television programming and you certainly will see many large homes, fancy restaurants and expensive cars.  However, Escazu is certainly not at the same level as Beverley Hills.

Escazu is divided into the the following Cantons:

  • San Rafael
  • Trejos Montelegre
  • Bello Horizonte
  • Guachipelin
  • San Antonio
  • Escazu El Centro
Escazu is bordered by Pavas to the North, Alejuelita and San Jose to the East, the Escazu Mountains to the South, and Santa Ana (“Santana”) to the west.


Escazu is a modern city with a thriving real estate market that commands top dollar prices.  If you are looking to buy a home, you can expect to pay a premium, to be located in this bustling neighborhood at the foot of the Escazu Mountains.  Here are some price ranges:

  • 2 bedroom home – from $195,000
  • 3 bedroom home- from  $275,000
  • 4 bedroom home – from $350, 000
  • 5 bedroom home – from $490,000
You can normally rent a furnished apartment for about $800 per month, minimum, 1 bedroom.  You might be able to find a better deal by renting a room.  There are plently of large homes with separate maids quarters, and if you want to reduce your footprint, this could be a very economical way to live in Escazu.   However, don’t be suprised if that prices comes with some cleaning duties.
If you are looking to rent something larger, you can rent a 2 or 3 bedroom home for no less than $1,500 per month.  Several years ago, a realtor appraised rent on my home, which is a 3 bedroom furnished townhome in San Rafael.  She quoted me between $2,500 and $2,800.


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