Perhaps the best way for you to see Costa Rica may be to see it via a tour. Over the last decade the tourist trade has ballooned in Costa Rica and the result have been a variety of different tour companies that offer all kinds of different varieties of tours. There are tours for people wanting to soak in culture and or nature. A few of them include.

Adventure Tours
One of the highlights of a visit to Costa Rica are the sheer number of outdoor pursuits that one can enjoy and opportunities for outdoor adventure. Adventure tours offer the chance to see the varied landscapes of Costa Rica while doing varied adventure style activities such as horseback riding, cave exploration, zip lining over a jungle, and driving ATVs through forest trails and on beaches. There are all varieties of different adventure to be found here.

Cultural Tours
Historically Costa Rica’s culture has foundations in being a peaceful, Catholic, agrarian society. For this reason there are many tours that highlight this past as visitors can visit coffee farms, pineapple plantations as well as cultural tours around San Jose. The Costa Rican moto is “pura vida” which means pure life. Cultural tours such as the classic coffee tour and Selvatura Insect Museum help visitors to Costa Rica find out just what this term truly refers to.

Leisure Tours
The whirlwind of travel can tire out the best of us so sometimes it is great to choose a tour that has as its central theme – leisure. Organized golf vacations, sunset cruises, and relaxed trips to one of the many restful locations that dot this Caribbean nation classify as a leisure tour. Activities can include wet land cruises, aerial trams, spa treatments, new age body healing, hot spring tours to name but a few of the specific  ones available.

Marine Tours
With two coast lines within the same country, one facing the Pacific Ocean the other the Caribbean, there are plenty of opportunities for marine activities. Costa Rica, names by Christopher Columbus in the early 16th century literally means the “rich coast”  and with 800 miles of coast, sunshine, and beaches marine tours will help you find out just why that is. Tours are organized to take travelers to different beaches and enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, sport fishing, scuba diving, and fishing. One of the most enjoyable aspects of these deep sea tours is the chance to spot manta rays, deep sea turtles, dolphins, and the other colourful fish that inhabit this region. Connect with the water culture of Costa Rica through one of these tours.

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