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Pura Vida Costa Rican Style

Pura Vida is a common phrase in Costa Rica that is directly translated to mean ‘pure life’. It is also used to connote plenteous life, full life, real living and many other local translations. It shows how the Costa Ricans or Ticos as they are also known, value life and the beauty of it. Indeed life in Costa Rica is full, beautiful, real and plenteous. For many years this Central American country has been viewed as a paradise and the best vacation spot. The beaches are spectacular, the air heavenly and the locals friendly. Everything you would wish for in a vacation spot.

Aside from the vacationing, life in this developing country is typical. There are comforts and conveniences you may have to give up and this makes the country even more appealing. Infrastructure may be wanting in many ways but if you are really into the untamed rugged terrain, this is the place for you, whether you are vacationing, working or relocating. The best way to enjoy this country is to mingle with the locals and live as they live. It is the best way to experience the richness of the culture in this country. While you may not find everything you need in the villages, the city of San Jose is easily accessible and prices fair.

Spanish is the common language spoken in Costa Rica which means ‘rich coast’. And indeed it is rich in culture and diversity. Most Ticos are of Spanish ancestry though you will find a few of German, Italian, Greek and French ancestry. Those who relocate to this country find it a good opportunity to learn a second language particularly Spanish, if they did not already speak it. The locals accept foreigners readily and are very willing to share their culture including the rich cuisine with strong influences from the various countries of ancestry. Living and working among the people will give you the real Costa Rican experience.

One of the most amazing things about Costa Rica and its rich culture is that it has the highest literacy rate at more than 94% in all of Central America. There are public as well as private schools that offer quality education at all levels. You will also experience at close range great and plenty of wildlife in practically all corner of the country. This is probably what makes it such a wonderful vacationing spot with most tourists choosing to relocate it. Indeed Costa Rica is the rich coast with pure and plenteous life.

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