The Amazing Costa Rica Cities – Santa Ana and Escazu

Costa Rica Cities – Santa Ana and Escazu

If you are a lover of traveling all over the world and have never been to Costa Rica then you do not know what you are missing. This is the place that has become the center of attention to millions of tourists. Every year many of them flock the area only to have a taste of what it feels to be there. There are numerous attractions in the area and that is why it acts as a major tourist hub.

Santa Ana, Costa Rica is one of the favorite places of visit to many. It is one of those areas that have maintained the Costa Rican tradition. The traditional flavors have been passed over from the older generation to the current and all these are provided in its urban restaurants. You can also have quality time with your friends and family at the small stores and bars.

Real estate and commercial development has taken center stage in Santa Ana recently mainly in the Central Valley. There are numerous attractions here and these include banks, upscale grocery, dental clinics, coffee houses, private schools, commercial centers, gourmet restaurants, gas stations, beauty salons, and many other commercial centers cropping up in the area.

Escazu is also another major attraction in Costa Rica. It is situated 9 km to the west of San Jos. This robust city has grown immensely over the last few years. Various embassies such as those of the US and Britain have set up here. There has also been an influx of foreign nationals from countries such as South America, North America, and Europe. The city is regarded as one of the most popular upscale location in Costa Rica.

There is plenty to enjoy while in Escazu. Its modern restaurants serve both local and international cuisine. Numerous bars are also found for unwinding in the afternoon and late night. You can also watch a movie in the English theatres and enjoy bowling as well. Other modern facilities in the city include banks, grocery stores, a golf course, pharmacies, shopping malls, and shops.

Escazu is a city that celebrates its local culture.  In central plaza one can see an entire white color colonial style church. There are just plenty to enjoy in this city. Most visitors enjoy this city and those who visit find themselves going for a return visit. You can never get enough when you visit this amazing city. It is among the few areas that Costa Rica prides itself for.

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