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Another great adventure in Costa Rica

In this entry of the Adventure Journal we travel to Cartago this time a bit more Deep into its country going up into the volcanic range, that holds Irazu, and Turrialba volcano and back down into Aquiares coffee estate and Turrialba the town.

costa rica volcano view of Volcan Turrialba

costa rica Botanical Gardens in Turrialba, CATIE. Has a lakes and gardens, it’s also close by the University of Costa Rica. Mainly this branch of the university focuses on agriculture sciences and biology.

costa rica  Aerial shot of Volcano

The first time I was in Turrialba I was on my way to Limon, Cartago, divides Limon and San Jose and all other roads were blocked we had no choice, that night we drove through I got a dark glimpse of a country side I would want to discover during day time. Fast forward 3 years and I was about to begin a mountain bike ride, from  Irazu, to the base of the turrialba volcano, and down into the town of Turrialba, this is one of the stages raced during “La ruta de los Conquistadores” hardest mountain bike race in the world, with more than 40kilometers of decent.

costa rica Ruta de los conquistadores, is one large race, over multiple stages and days. Going from one side of the country and ending in the other, it was the original multi day adventure mountain bike race ever created. Many foreign riders travel and train to compete in this prestigious event.

costa rica Crater of the Volcano

Aquiares is a coffee state, in Cartago. This coffee state was the foundation of a town that lived from coffee. People starting coming for work, and it began to grow into a small town. This place I knew for the first time during High school, one of my classmate’s parents owns the state. We traveled to Turrialba got there in few hours’ drive. And we stayed in a classic wooden home, with multiple rooms, large gardens surrounded by the coffee plantations. During the day horses rides, and visiting the town. It’s like something out of an old movie. People are simple and enjoy what they have, everyone around greeting with a wide smile on there face, like every true Tico, and their “Pura vida”

costa rica Hacienda Aquiares, is been producing coffe for over 100 years.

costa rica Beauty surrounds Aquiares, this is a Waterfall in Aquiares.

Then you have Turrialba, which in 1500’s it was only populated by the natives. Its most of Cartago about 50% of its territory is Turrialba. Surrounded by mountains and raging rivers, Turrialba is great place not many know.

costa rica 9 10 Hotel Hacienda Tayutic.Tayutic, is located overlooking the Turrialba Valley, it has hosted Weddings and other events. It has a unique design, given its privileged location and design. It’s a place everyone can hope to one day go to.

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