La Fortuna de San Carlos in Costa Rica

Alajuela is known for its beautiful volcanos, yet some time we do go as far as we’d like so this week we travel across Alajuela into San Carlos and the Arenal Lake.

Image 1—map from airport to La Fortuna de San Carlos

A Few years back right before I finished high school, we traveled to “la Fortuna” in San Carlos every other weekend we stayed at a hotel, about 20mins drive from the lake Arenal lake. The hotels in the area mainly offer there exclusive thermal pools, which are naturally heated from water springs that are heated up by the close by volcano of “arenal” the only conic volcano in Costa Rica. Our hotel of choice was, “Los Lagos” this hotel has different pools most of which have slides which make for great for kids, canopy and a great view during the night if you get to see the volcano give small eruptions.

They also have a road that leads deep into their state, and have a canopy, during this we discovered they have a small lagoon in their property, which has a sight-seeing spot from which you can see down into the lake, me and my brothers of course had to find a way to get to the lake on our mountain bikes which me gladly did…

2 View from the front door of the room, we were staying during the morning, colossal volcano…hope it doesn’t wake up

alajuela costa rica View in the afternoon from different room, on another weekend, bad luck this time even though we got to see magma and red rocks falling during the night, phone camera wasn’t able to catch it though.

4The entrance to the Hotel, beautiful stuff, animals and environment.

5 this is the lake we rode down from the after climbing from the hotel onto the sight seeing deck.

6Our rock road to the small lagoon

7 Finally made it.

After riding back to our room, and going down the slides, we were given the chance to see something unique and awesome.

9This is an image of the volcano and its activities during the night, on a clear sky evening.

The Arenal Lake is a extension of water the reaches the volcanos edge. Currently it’s a great location for sports the main or only place you can wind and kite surf is in this like giving its wind forces in the area, also they offer tours by boat or even rent kayaks to paddle in its waters.


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