Let’s travel to Limon Costa Rica

This week, we travel to Limon Caribbean province of Costa Rica.

costa rica real estate Map of Costa Rica, Limon

The diversity of Caribbean coasts, beaches and natural diversity are so extense many of our nationals have barely visited Limon. I myself only have visited a handful of beaches and the main port.  First stop will be Tortuguero, even though it has to be reached by boat, you first have to get to the coast and travel up river by boat. Tortuguero is a small coastal town, formed by a small island town and rivers, lagoons, and canals. It’s currently located in an area of natural conservation making a lot of the local hotels to be ecofriendly.

real estate costa rica Map of Tortuguero national Park

real estate costa rica aerial shot of the town, this town is mainly fishing town. All the locals live fishing and boating in the river. The coastal side to the beach is open sea. Its tides are strong, and turtles come every year to lay their eggs. This is a sight to see, I’ve experienced it first hand, and the town itself is aware of this and makes a special effort to have lights facing only away from the coast since this affects the turtles travel patterns and can make them never return again to lay eggs.

costa rica Mawamba lodge, is one of the most popular hotels in the area. This hotel is beautiful, I traveled here during a trip to help a school in the area, its service, rooms and restaurant is top notch. We painted the school brought donations and, threw them a party.

costa rica real estate
Costa Rica This is the hotel, one side the river canal, and on the other the Caribbean Sea.

costa rica  The canals have a vast flora and fauna.

costa rica fauna floraImage 7- As I said VAST flora we traveled the canals when I was there for about 3 hours, and we barely got a few kilometers away from our hotel, we say crocodiles, otters, birds we can dream existed, and iguanas the size of crocodiles.

But there is much more to Limon, Puerto Viejo a coastal town full of energy, hotels, restaurants and beautiful beaches.

costa rica home for rent Puerto Viejo is on the opposite end of Limon from main Port of Limon instead of going north towards the Tortuguero canals, going south leads you to Puerto Viejo.

costa rica retirment 10 Puerto Viejo has a lot of life to it, small boutique shops, souvenirs and great tasting food. Communicating with the locals shouldn’t be an issue as many of the locals speak English or at least somewhat know the language.

Not far from the center of the town, you can find beautiful hotels.  Almonds and Corals, I visited during a travel with school in Manzanillo. This is close to a few beaches and the mountain range of Talamanca. This hotel is located in mangrove, where they made elevated wood bridges to allow the animals to move freely. Everything from pathway to buildings are purpose built to haromonize with nature. Did I mention they are also located beach front

costa rica retire Almonds and Corals, it incorporates natural features of the rain forest to its infrastructure.

costa rica Stress free should be the best way to describe a travel to Limon, a Spa day in Almonds and corals can take away all that and more.

costa rica real estate Mangrove that reaches the Caribbean sea, what else can you ask for?

Finally we reach my personal favorite beach, when I first visited this beach I was very young and didn’t fully appreciate it, wasn’t after traveling around many others big popular beaches that I noticed something. Limon’s ocean is different, the color of the water and the sand, and for once the beaches are not full with tourist it’s a more private environment. And as I traveled with a relative that had lived there for few years he knew his way around the place. He took me to a beach you had to walk about 20minutes to reach, and it was incredible. I had more positive impressions only when I was at Koh Samui, having an extraordinary koh samui villa, in the middle of exotic nature. I’m proud that Costa Rica makes and effort to protect places like Gandoca manzanillo, and Tortuguero, knowing what is really important for the future and to preserve unique places.

costa rica beach 15 Punta Mona

costa rica beach Salsa Brava for the surf enthusiast, Limon’s got great surfs spots.

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